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In Brief

We are a team of seasoned mobile pros that deliver accelerated market and sales success.

Call it good fortune, incredible timing or simply good old fashion hard work; our team has amassed an impressive legacy of leadership roles in category creation and game changing firsts! For almost 5 years our partners in enterprise, vertical and consumer markets have benefited from this front-line, real-life experience.

We find the best fit with partners who are:

  • Emerging Brands– who have limited resources or expertise to tackle key expansion initiatives
  • Emerging Technology– who need to leverage expertise or experience to productize, launch and monetize innovative and potentially game-changing technologies

We’ve got reach, & it’s growing every day!


% of Global Distributors
  • 60

    % of Global Distributors


000's of Points of Sale WW
  • 100

    000's of Points of Sale WW


% of Mobile ODM's
  • 50

    % of Mobile ODM's


% of Mobile OEM's
  • 70

    % of Mobile OEM's

SmartSpeed is how we work: we can engage for a single or multiple sprints depending on situational needs

Holistic Lens Assessment

Also known as the “warm up” lap. Here we work to assess Technology, Product(s), Ecosystems, User Experience, Market Validation, Sales & Logistics. Any or all, depending on the situation, of the aforementioned are reviewed for applicability, authenticity and market fit.

Sprint 1: Perfect Targets

During this key phase we\’ll develop the “Market Map” consisting of user stories, customers and partners, geographies, routes to market and scalability.

Sprint 2: Right Message

Here the ground work is laid for the specific tools, messages and mediums. Be it product packaging, to presentations, to videos we get the right tools in place for the “enablement” and “empowerment” phases, commonly referred by us as load-in and sell-thru respectively.

Sprints 3 & 4: Sound Execution

This is all about getting the job done in the field, launching to and through the channel directly touching the customer(s) and getting the sales operations running like a well-oiled machine.

Sprint 5: Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

We\’ll get the feedback loops engaged, Key Performance Metrics operationalized, all the while making constant adjustments and improvements. And hey, who better to help with product improvements than actual end users.

Get in touch

If you are looking for a focused and proven method to accelerate time-to-market and  generate results contact us below. We\’d like to hear from you.

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